RO-Begins Information

RO-Begins Information

Ragnarok Online Begins, where you'll recover your best Ragnarok memories. This

is a free to play Ragnarok Online Private Server. Helpful, Friendly and yet

Accommodative's GM Team.

What are you waiting for? Come join us now and Begins your RO journey !

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  • Server Rates

    Base Level = x100000

    Job Level = x100000

    Drop Rates = Normal 50x / Boss 30x / MVP 1x

    Normal Card = 0.5x

    Boss Card = 0.3x

    MVP Card = 0.1x

    Server Information

    Base Level = 255

    Job Level = 120

    Max Stats = 255

    Max ASPD = 196

    Instant Cast Dex = 150


    Transcendent Classes

    Frost Server

    Kiel Based

    Party MVP Ladder

    Max Party Cap = 12

    Max Guild Cap = 76

    Gepard Shield 3.0 Anti Cheat

    Chain Quest

    Custom Weapon

    Custom MVP (Nightmare Lord of Death) Drop POD and Coin!